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Damn You Autocorrect: The 10 Funniest Grounds for a Breakup

Some men suffer the embarrassing problem of wetting the bed after drinking alcohol. Everything else is. You may be suffering from low self-esteem. You are shutting others out.

Autocorrect is not your friend.

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People just can’t spell anymore between “there”, “their”, and “they’re” Well, that’s where autocorrect comes in. It’s a handy little feature that makes all of that much, much easier.

Attack on Titan Armin An at Home First Date Headcanons Armin with S/O’s 9 – Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages – SmartphOWNED Request: Your.

Or experienced an autocorrect blunder than dramatically changed the tone of a conversation with a friend or family member? Yeah, we’ve all been there. For whatever reason, our phones occasionally become out to get us and try to change a word here or there that will, in turn, change our entire lives. Poor Tyler has clearly been feeling a little self-concious about the bald spot that’s starting to emerge now that he’s getting older, and when his girlfriend insulted it, his embarrassment cause him to freak out and go on the offensive.

Unfortunately for Tyler So Tyler’s retalitory insult about his girlfriend’s “saggy tits and fat ass” probably crossed a few lines—there are a few rude remarks you can come back from, but this isn’t exactly one of them. Leave it to autocorrect t0 reveal some awkward opinions and expose cracks in what was seemingly a perfect relationship.

The Funniest Autocorrects Ever

In the kitchen, Anthony grabs a pitcher of water from the refrigerator and texts Ian asking him if he would have dinner at six. In the living room, Ian cleans his golf clubs and gets the text message from Anthony. However, the text message asks Ian if he wants to have dinner and sex. Anthony realizes his mistake and texts back with “six” emphasized while also adding “hungry as hell”. However, it is the same message as before, but “sex” is emphasized and the message also reads “I’m horny as hell.

Anthony tries to text for them to meet at six and that the phone autocorrects, but the text states that they should meet for sex and that Anthony is “auto-asphyxiating”.

Dating is tough stuff, but it’s even more complicated when technology gets involved—especially when that technology decides to do something.

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They’re the best. They spend a good chunk of their lives feeding, and clothing, and showering us with attention. But when it comes to the texting, they’re not so good — especially if they’re using an iPhone with autofill. Things can get ugly.

The 11 Most Amazing Autocorrect Fails. The site has been out for a while now. But that doesn’t mean it’s gotten any less funny.

Latest Fails Funny News Awesome. Pop Culture. Life Hacks. The autocorrects make us LOL and that’s no typo! Published April 20, Times Autocorrect Had Disastrous Consequences Because one person’s embarrassing text is another person’s treasure. Some of the Funniest Moments in Autocorrect The struggle is real. Real hilarious. Read This Next. Chris Garcia Fails. Most Epic Autocorrects Chet Funny.

Chrollo headcanons

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Smartphones have taken over our lives in more ways than one! But it seems they sometimes have a mind of their own, especially with auto correcting texts into being sexually misunderstood words and phrases…but damn are they hilarious! Here are 20 of the funniest auto corrected texts…hope you laugh your ass off! Happy Hump day! I raped your dog! These are so fucking stupid…FAKE. They were funny like once when the autocorrect mishap was first discovered…ok, time to move on.

Who cares if its fake or real funny is funny… gawd stop the bus at the next stop please! Thanks for posting this it really WAS funny and changed my whole afternoon… :. Your email address will not be published.

34 Autocorrect Fails 2019 vs. 2012: iPhone Humor Evolution

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You have a love/hate relationship with autocorrect. Let’s be real: Without it, it would seem like you have the spelling skills of a second grader.

Let’s be real: Without it, it would seem like you have the spelling skills of a second grader because thumbs just aren’t meant to type on such tiny keys. But then again, it seems like autocorrect has it in for you sometimes. It oversteps its boundaries and tries to correct words that should have been left alone. When you’re trying to tell your mom that you made it hoMe but autocorrect is feeling reckless pic.

When autocorrect calls ur mom ugly pic. When autocorrect tries it’s best but your mom still gets confused pic. Autocorrect can’t even leave the word “autocorrect” alone. No word is safe. It stands between you and your Girl Scout Cookies. Conversations with my mom pt.


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